A lot of people have been asking me about. my latest desing series 'My Strength Is...'

Strength is so elusive in recent times for me.

I, as many others who rely on their art to support themselves and their families, have been struggling. It's a struggle with not only half our income being taken away due to the postponement or cancellation of shows, but with the emotional and sometimes physical strength it takes to keep creating.

2020 is a year that keeps trying to throw us out of the saddle.  Every time it rears its front quarters, instead of letting myself hit the dirt, I cling to the reins and  try my best to climb back up there and say, "FUCK this shit, I got this."  

In a time where so much of our lives is outside of realm of control, I have to force myself to keep thinking about the things I CAN control.

I can control my art.

I can control my ability to push myself.

I can control thoughts that try to derail me.

Everyone is hurting in some way, and many are hurting in multiple ways.  Financially, emotionally, mentally, physically.

"It's bad out there for everyone," is a mantra we hear daily.  However, for people trying to earn a living, with others relying on them as well, it can be downright discouraging.  Deflating.  DEFEATING.

I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to make my art more accessible to peoople in this difficult time.  I've been giving a lot of things away. For most of May I gave away a free pentagram pendant.  For all of June I'm giving away a free Pride keyring.  Ive been doing sales pretty much weekly.

And yet I still struggle to make at least minimum wage to support a family of five.

It's work. Yes, I know many people think all artists do all day is sit and make pretty things.  It's SO not what we do.  We work hard.  We have to spend money we don't have just to purchase supplies.  We are constantly working on designs, no matter what art medium.  We are constantly marketing ourselves.  We are not 9am-5pm.  We are more like 6am-11pm.  Sometimes more.  Days off?  If I have a doctor's appointment, sometimes I'll give myself the rest of the day off. Otherwise, it's 7 days a week of putting ourselves out there into cyberspace. And of course, customer service duties.  Shipping duties.  Accounting duties.  

So why am I going on and on about all this crap?  Because - it's STRENGTH that I am grasping at to continue to do what I can do.

It's STRENGTH that I am grasping at to push my ass to develop new techniques, new designs, new discounts for my customers without hurting my bottom line.

It's STRENGTH that I am grasping at to KEEP CREATING.  

So now, let's put these pieces together - all of these thoughts are what were running through my brain when I developed the Strength series.

I thought about how Sam, Dean, Cas, the Winchesters, Rowena, Chuck, and yes, even Baby have pulled through their challenges.  Not because they ran away.  They didn't say "Game over, man! Game over!"  They stood taller.  Turned to face their adversaries, whether figurative or literal, and KICKED ITS ASS.

They were able to pull from their reservoirs (sometimes they didn't even know that they had) and keep on grinding.  Keep on fighting.  Keep on keeping on.

What does that look like to me?  Sharp edges encased in tense wirework that demonstrates a sense of fortuity embraced with uncertainty but dominated by STRENGTH.

The Strength series is now available at EldwennesFantasy.com and for my readers - use code STRENGTH15 to get 15% off my Strength pieces 6/15-6/16.

In the meantime, I'm gonna keep on keeping on.  May you do the same, everyone.

Stay safe.  Stay strong.