2020 started off with a horrific bang for me with the death of one of my favorite people on the planet - my aunt Doree.

Doree was my mother's youngest sister.  My mother passed when I was 7.  Doree and I were only 11 years apart.  To the day.  We shared a birthday.  She was a big sister to me.

That was a serious horrific blow.

Now we're all contending with Corona Virus.  Which is reulsting in so many of the conventions we vendors rely on for a living to be cancelled or postponed.  

We can only rely on our online sales to survive at this point and quite frankly, it's terrifying.

I am a sole proprietor of my business and the breadwinner of the family.  We have three kids and my husband is disabled, thus, my income is what we live off of.

I can't express just how scary this is; the uncertainty of income, and I'm trying my damndest to bring sales in to cover our living expenses between now and whenever the next convention will actually happen.

To incentivize, my shop is 20% off FOR THE REMAINDER OF MARCH! There are minor restrictions: Mystery Boxes, Subscription Services, Fundraisers, Eldwenne's Fantasy Gift Certificates (etsy gift certificates are accepted for this deal), Custom Requests, and Items purchased with a gift certificate from Eldwenne's Fantasy (using an etsy git certificate is valid with this deal).

There are over 140 listings that are 20% off including designs inspired by Supernatural, The Witcher, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Castlevania, and much more!

Your purchases help support small business owners support themselves and their families, and in turn you receive items that you will hopefully love as much as I love making them.

Thank you all for your support!